NCR-DMU Research Center

NCR-DMU Human-Computer Interaction Research Center

The NCR-Dalian Maritime University Human-Computer Interaction Research Center (NCR-DMU HCIRC) was founded and opened on December 14th, 2006 as the industry’s first to conduct bespoke research in HCI and user experience for the China market in financial self-service and retail technologies. The establishment of the Center was funded by NCR Corporation ( and is situated within Dalian Maritime University’s Sino European Usability Center – SEUC. As a function of our collaboration, which has been in place for several years, the Center conducted and consolidated many China-focused postgraduate and consultancy projects. Since 2006, the alliance has seen many phases of development including student intern exchange projects carried out in both Dalian and Dundee. We continue to pursue joint projects of mutual interest in the areas of consumer experience, design, evaluation, culture and usability.

The NCR-DMU HCI Research Center is led by Zhengjie Liu, Professor at DMU, Founder and Director of the Sino-European Usability Center, together with Graham I. Johnson, Director of Consumer Experience Research & Design Ethnography, NCR Corp who is based in the UK. As a leading expert in HCI research, Prof. Liu has driven many significant initiatives in China and internationally as part of IFIP, SIGCHI and associated professional bodies.

Within NCR DMU HCI Research Center we conduct people-focussed research on a range of aspects of human-computer interaction, experience design and usability issues, and initiate new research ideas relevant to the future of NCR’s financial, retail, travel and related businesses. Our recent focus has been on context and experience, and on internet and mobile-related research, with the projects typically carried out by DMU staff and postgraduate students. Future work will address consumer research in shopping, travel and banking behaviours against the backdrop of emerging technologies, and Chinese consumer and social trends.

NCR is a global tech company headquartered in Atlanta, USA. A world leader in consumer transaction technologies, NCR (see strives to make people’s everyday easier with intuitive self-service. A Fortune 500 company, over 125 years old, it operates globally leading in many business areas such as banking, retail, travel and hospitality, providing for example ATMs, kiosks, POS, mobile and internet solutions and self-service software.


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NCR-DMU Research Center